El Churro - Spanish Tradition, Latin Passion



El Churro has evolved from humble beginnings. Making churros has been a family tradition for generations. Over the past few decades, we have participated in Latin American and Spanish community/cultural festivals and events such as the Spanish Fiesta. This involved making and selling churros and other traditional foods.

In the 90s, ‘Golden Churros’ was established at Highpoint Shopping Centre in Melbourne’s west. This was the first dedicated shop selling churros in Australia and used an exclusive, fully automatic machine that allowed customers to view the making and cooking of their churros. This was the beginning of the ‘Churro Theatre’ concept in Australia.

La Receta (The Recipe)

The El Churro story begins many generations ago with our ancestors in Spain mixing the dough which has become our sensational churros. Over the decades the combination of fine ingredients and preparation methods have been carefully maintained with minimal variation to ensure this tradition handed to us as a family inheritance continues to bring joy and satisfaction to those lucky enough to be indulging in these fine treats.

The art of making great churros is a combination of experience, quality ingredients and most importantly heritage. It is not something that can simply be picked up from one's travels. El Churro has perfected these methods over the generations. As the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding”, and we are proud to say that customers comment that we offer the best churros around.

This simple delight has survived the journey of time and is the ‘Spanish Tradition, Latin Passion’ churro you can enjoy right now, just like it always has and was always meant to be enjoyed.